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an accident of this type, of this magnitude, in this stretch of eastmoor. >> ama: a san francisco man is the latest victim of violence in oakland. police say he was shot to death around 3:00 this morning near ninth and clay street, just blocks away from police headquarters. the unidentified 37-year-old man was in his car when he apparently got into a dispute with people inside another vehicle. they began shooting at the man, who was hit, and then crashed his car. this mark's oak leappedz's 17th homicide of the year. last year at this time oakland had 4 homicides. >> a man hired to help the oakland police department imphlegm court ordered reforms will report for duty tomorrow. the man this department's new compliance director. he'll take on the task of reforming how police investigate themselves and document their work. the 68-year-old is a former baltimore police commissioner who served on the san jose police force. he can spend city funds, oversee top commanders and the chief and his deputies. >> in less than 48 hours the cardinals of the roman catholic church will cast their first b
. police say dennis was drunk at the time and driving away from another accident. >> san francisco police opened fire on a suspected car jacker this morning after they say he used a stolen taxi to ram their kafr cars. police say the suspect jumped on the roof of a cab, breaking the windshield. the cab driver took off. police used taxi to track that cab to presidio heights them tried to pin the suspect in. >> this is when the driver drove at the officer, officer trying to get out of the way of the car then defending him, himself. >> the suspect was not hit, he kept driving. he was soon arrested for car jacking and assault on a police officer. >> the fbi is looking for a man leased from jail mistakenly. accused of a takeover style robbery this month, arrested for the robbery, then, released from a contra costa county jail by mistake. agents say he held a gun to the teller's head, demanding money. >> south san francisco taking new steps to help stop human trafficking. the new rules adopted by the city council police say the peninsula city investigated more than 150 cases of human trafficking
what they think about the way bart is allowing the cars, live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> we'll see you later on. a supervisor wants to change a law giving antiabortion advocates freedoms to protest in front of health clinics. an ordinance says they must stay eight feet away. but a quirk let's them protest near the door as long as they stand still. >> the buffer would create space around the front door that a pro testor could not enter. >> they're not going to make us go away. we're here. here to support women. we'll be as close as we can. >> this would keep pro testors 25 feet from the entrance of clinicsline like planned parenthood. >> we have new information about a deadly race car crash over the weekend that killed two people. >> one of them is a teenager. 17-year-old chase jond ondriving a race car that slammed into his 14-year-old cousin marcus johnson and a man with him. wayne freedman is live tonight. everyone is just devastated. >> they are. the school is empty today. it's out for break but the people are devastated. the kmunlt is devastated. the news toda
to see if it shooting was maybe caught on video. in san francisco, police trying to determine how a man found crushed to death inside of a bart elevator managed to get into the elevator in the first place. the homeless man apparently was sleeping on top of the elevator with his personal belongs. >> cardinals gathered today before the conclave gets underway tomorrow. david ono how some go in a pope others come out a cardinal it was the final chance to have their say before it's time to vote. one last opportunity to speak out. >> this process immediately before going into this sistine chapel to do voting is trying to assess, you know those that are phone shall candidates and get a clear sense of who they would like to vote for. >> that process has begun from drapes to conclave staff wearing -- swearing an oath of silence. right now there are several front runners. brazil's cardinal known for his tweeting and appearances in brazil's popular late night talk show. from the united states new york's timothy dolan. and boston's sean patrick owe mally. known for how he handled priest abuse scann
for a shower stall stalker in one college. >> labor dispute threatening to silence san francisco symphony before one of the biggest shows of the year. >> how serious is that check engine warning light? michael finney looks at a piece of technology can save you money at the mechanics. >>> a sour note at san francisco symphony. musicians voted to authorize a strike if talks don't make progress today. the issues on the table and it puts a tour in jeopardy it does. that is right. it's supposed to start next week. you know, just last month, the san francisco symphony won it's 15th grammy award but tonight musicians are at odds over what it takes to continue as a top tier organization. sounds at city hall. a string quartet performed but there is discord behind the scene. musicians say other cities have better contracts. >> this doesn't acknowledge the fact there is inflation in california economy and that our wages are about $7500 less than our leading piers, chicago symphony. >> management says the average musician salary is $165,000 a year. the union says basic pay is about $142,000 a year, m
happen to wear my san francisco hat. >> faithful attending afternoon mass were among the first to learn a new pope had been selected. >> i had my detroit lion hat on. >> ash bishop burnett says choosing this pope doesn't guarantee he's a 49ers fan but it's sending a message. the future of the church rests where the bulk of the world catholics live, global south. >> country is south america, argentina some of the biggest catholic countries in the world there. is a lot to say for having someone that represents strongly those back grounds but yet it's universal. >> it's a victory. everyone who believes is a rep sif of -- representative christ a. >> i'm sure he's going ton an inspiration. >> ash bishop burnett says he believes he will be the kind of leader the church needs. >> combination of tradition with modern times, i'm hoping that these two things can be blended into a new reality for us. >> now, pope francis has called pope burnett -- excuse me, benedict the 16th and tomorrow, will celebrate mass with the college of cardinals in the sistine chapel at his inauguration mass set for next
in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. the obama administration says california voters were wrong to ban same-sex marriage in 2008 ask is urging u.s. supreme court to overturn prop 8. today, they filed a friend of the court brief on the case. the supreme court will hear oral arguments on the constitutionality of prop 8 on march 26th. apple, google and facebook filed legal briefs and today, clint eefdwood joined 80 high profile rinz who said they're in favor of same-sex marriage. >> gas prices are soaring and it's about to get worse. the state board voted in favor of a tax increase a tax hike adding another 3.5 cents per gallon beginning july 1. the tax in california is rising and it was designed to offset a short fall of more than $150 million in tax revenue as californians bought less gas last year. >> it's so expensive. >> more still to come at 5:00. local school district wants to part way was the rest of the state now. >> and some answers as to why some people get acne and others never get a pimple. >> in the accu-weather forecast center one more unusually mild to wa
giants games and other events. >> a san francisco cab company is offering three rides for into those who celebrate too much between the hours of 10 and 4 al. you must mention bird injury lawyers. they're the sponsors of the program. >> we'll take a look how they're celebrating st.~patrick's day in ireland. >> it may not be exactly what you'd expect, this massive parade is actually global in celebration. and heading outside, we enjoyed a very sunny sunday. leigh glaser is tracking rain on the way, though. she'll let us know when to expect that. >> here's david muir. >> coming up tonight right here on world news, more on the breaking news, the verdict in the case that has torn apart an american town. the two high school football players, the female student, what this case could mean for the rest of the country. >> and we have our eye on two giant storms that are degree to merge, and then we have some incredible images for you >> pope francis off erred his first sunday blessing today since his election to lead the roman catholic church francis spoke to the crowd for the first time from the
off the coast line. moisture about 62 miles from san francisco getting here in the next couple hours. so steady rain coming up as you can sthee animation here. we'll see steadier rain in overnight hours continuing then at 5:00 a.m. scattered showers for the start of the commute by 1:00 p.m. cold front coming through the bay area but starts to fall. we're looking at light to moderate rain. i'll let you know how much rain we'll receive here and how long you'll need to hang on to umbrella autos crews from the water department are still mopping up the mess from a water main that broke this afternoon. that sent rushing water on to story road. east bound story road shut down to allow for clean up, buses rerouted. water service to nearby businesses and homes we understand was not affected. >> we learned today how two people died after a young race car driver lost control of the car. in a track over the weekend. a report shows the 14-year-old and 68-year-old died of multiple blunt force trauma a fourth generation racer were drive whgt car crashed on saturday. investigators are focusing on a
of the mishap. >>> a san francisco bicyclist who ran over and killed a pedestrian pled not guilty today to federal vehicular manslaughter. police say he ran several lights before striking the pedestrian. this month, the defense attorney unsuccessfully tried to have the charge lowered to a misdemeanor. >> striking members of the san francisco symphony tried to hit the right notes with the public today.. >> 40 musicians took part of an informational picket the musicians make $165,000 a year and 10 week paid vacation autos there is a top of a centuries old profession this, is a skill cell veled. i've added up 30,000 hours practicing. i have bursitis. >> this for a symphony with the second highest endowment in the nation. >> you soon could be allowed to drive faster as part of the switch to all electronic toll collections. they say there is an increase decision on the bridge. qeem you updated. >> a bill shaking up the cosmetics industry is out. a legislation called safe cosmetics act. of 2012 that would give the fda authority to ensure all personal care products are free of harmful ingredie
employees in the bay area including san francisco, napa and san rafael. at and t looking for outside plant technicians and splicing technicians. the company boasts it's the largest private employer of full time union employees. >> that surge was good news for the stock market. s and p 500 is now just 14 points from reaching an all-time record high. nasdaq composite closing at 3244. >> cardinals at the vatican have set the date to begin elected the next pope. the conclave will be beginning tuesday morning starting with a morning mass followed by the first round of balancing in the afternoon. in 100 year nose conclave lasted longer than five days but this process is nout knot without controversy. david ono is in rome with that story. >> on a rainy evening a ray of progress. cardinals seen leaving after agreeg when to begin the conclave, it will be tuesday. and there are two american contenders and anything can happen. there is a great spokesperson for the chief. cardinal o'malley has gotten high marks for all diocese he worked in. and another american cardinal grabbing headlines is cardinal
-involved shooting yesterday morning in san francisco. a daly city police officer shot a man to death. officers say the armed driver tried to run from the car and raised a gun at them. >>> there is a strong show of support online tonight for tuesday santa cruz police officers killed in the line of dutiy. people are offering condolences and worlds of support on a facebook page created in the memory of loren baker and elizabeth butler. they were killed on duty tuesday. officers killed the suspect, jeremy goulet, and a shootout a short time later. businesses in the area are showing support for the police department. one restaurant is offering officers three meals and -- free meals. >> hundreds of abc viewers have been sending condolences on our face book page. >> a memorial for detective butler and domestic-sergeant baker will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in san jose. a large crowd is expected. >> man died today during the world famous escape from alcatraz triathlon in san franciscoment the 46-year-old man from texas suffered what they call a massive cardiac event during the swim portion of
to bring lower gas prices. what you'll have to do. >> ford drives a hybrid into san francisco showing off features it claims put brakes on the prius. >> you have tax questions? we have answers. you'll get your personal >>> state lawmakers coming up with an idea to protect school kids from tragedies like the sandy hook massacre. the lawmaker wants every school classroom door to have a lock that can be secured from inside of the classroom. abc 7 news has the story. >> one teacher saved her students by locking her class door. the security chief says there is a lesson to be learned from that. >> like what happened is that gunman went to the class rooms where doors were unlocked. the classroom that's were locked, he couldn't get in. went to the next room autos that got one lawmaker thinking it's time to mandate all california public schools have classroom that's can be locked from the inside toompblgts newer campuses have that measure 30% of the schools state wide don't. >> right now in many class rooms most older classrooms if there is an intruder the teacher has to walk outside to lock the d
begins tuesday here on abc7. >>> san francisco police credit a neighbor's quick thinking in helping to catch a group of suspected vandals in the act. it appears they had just finished the outline of their graffiti when the officers arrived. the man who called police asked us not to give his name. >> they just finished painting it a couple weeks ago, and it's like every other week there's something new up there, and they're constantly having to clean it. >> i think it's important that we're able to catch these offenders and bring them to justice. >> ama: police also told us they discovered 52 cans of spray paint and several markers when officers searched the suspects. suspects include ten adults andup juvenile. some have previous arrests for vandalism. >> survivors or the san bruno pipeline explosion came together today. eight people died. community members work on a mural that was finished last week. today city officials unveiled a plaque of remembrance. >> turn to the thoughts around something sad to something more positive and more looking forward. >> we wanted to make something b
. >> this group joined supporters in san francisco. now they're on the steps outside of the state skourt building showing signs of support for same-sex marriage. retired u.s. judge, district judge vaughn walker said, quote, i have another life now, a new life. very done my part. i sent the case off to the court of appeal asks now, it's in the hands of other people. >> carolyn tileler will be in court as the supreme court considers defense of marriage act. >> well, we have breaking news now from morgan hill. a standoff between a police s.w.a.t. team and two nem a motel room ended just minutes ago. it startedded at morgan hill inn this morning. a 29-year-old man gave himself up. the woman with him also taken into come. police say it ended about 4:40, about 20 minutes ago. >> oakland police want to catch the man who put a 9-year-old girl through a terrible trauma he assaulted her as she tried to get away. this video shows the man police say attempt that had brazen kidnapping. nick? >> good news. that little girl is okay today. police describe their suspect as dangerous ask don't believe this is the
70 in san francisco. 74 in oakland. concord 73, 81 in santa cruz. shattering old record of 77. that is back in 1925 here is another live view from our camera. mainly sunny skies. 66 in oakland. 70s in santa cruz. another live view from our south beach camera. taking a look back western towards san francisco, cloudy skies and 73 in fremont. and 71 in gilroy. bits across the board about warmest day of the week. forecast features clouds increasing overnight. a chance of rain saturday evening and then, overnight into sunday. clearing late sunday. now, we do have a beach hazard advisory through saturday he can. we need to remind you there may be dangerous sneak heer waves. serve is potentially dangerous, pulling back over the last 12 hours you can see an advancing frontal system. high pressure just barely holding on. clouds thickening overnight tonight. running starting at 7:00 you see clouds tomorrow maybe showers tomorrow night into sunday morning still cloudy sunday morning and as starts to clear maybe light showers mid day or early afternoon. then, we've got further clearing an
. >> san francisco child abuse expansion center is developing a center for children what should be open this year. why more funding is needed for classes to teach children how to protect them selfs from sex abuse. >> no one touches your body parts unless it's to keep you clean or healthy. >> we'll have the story at 10:00 a.m. on abc 7. >>> a dutch group hopes art made from trash will help people in the bay area think twice about bottle td water. this is to build one wave that represents how many bottles americans throw out every four seconds. and what great idea autos makes a point. >> and no rain on the horizon for the weekend. >> sandhya patel is here we're looking good. >> we're looking great. if you have plans enjoy. it's go tyke great weekend to take kids to the park. just about anything. skies clear we do have a wind advisory going for the delta. it's running until 7:00 p.m. so solano county winds gusting from 20-25 miles per hour. looking you can see trees blowing in the breeze here. spring is a breezy time of the year, it's not out of the ordinary. san francisco 58 right now. it
say they would like to see more traffic lights there as well. >> leanne, thank you. san francisco bicyclist who ran over and killed a pedestrian hz been ordered to stand trial. the 36-year-old walked out minutes said there was evidence to try him for felony vehicular man slaught yes, prosecutors say he knocked a 71-year-old to the ground ground crack his skull. >> we believe the consequences have to reflect that behavior. >> the defense argued that he did not run the red light and pedestrian walked on to the crosswalk before the walk signal turned on this, charge brings a maximum sentence of six years. >> traffic looking different starting march 27th. no one will be stopping on the toll lanes. the bridge will go all electric. no cash will be accepted on the fast track. 60 years of taking tolls by hand will end. >> coming up a recall involving two popular brands of tuna. >> and a local wildlife sanctuary explains how they're doing business in light of a deadly lion attack. >> big bonus marisa myer is getting after just a year and a half on the job. >>> we're getting details about a
off until next week. there is a chance of snow looking at heavenly. san francisco, 54 now, san jose, 68. temperatures cooler today, low 50s to mid-70s. you can he clouds stacked um here, 72 degrees in livermore, it's pretty mild. 70 degrees in cupertino. mostly cloudy skies overnight. and looking at pacific satellite, high pressure is still controlling our weather but it's what we call a dirty ridge. strong enough to keep storms away. so clouds just spilling owe over the top. we'll continue to see high clouds and fog into friday. so at 7:00 tonight you can see high clouds overnight, clouds continue by morning you can see patchy fog. high clouds for friday afternoon, temperatures about the same. we'll see cooling on sunday, tomorrow morning low 40s to low 50s, we'll have fog around. it's not going to be as dense because of the cloud cover overhead preventing fog from forming until morning then, into afternoon, temperatures look like this. 72 degrees and comfortable in los gatos. 66 millbrae. temperatures upper 50s, daily city 58 degrees, cloud cover just hanging around. and north bay
. downtown san francisco, a high of 58 tomorrow, 56 in the north bay district. 61 in napa. east bay highs 62 in oakland. 61 fremont. inland east bay, 62 at concord and walnut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. rainy weather wednesday. showers lingering into thursday. cool wednesday and thursday with highs only into 50s across the bay area, then we can get milder and drier weather over the weekend. sunny skies and high temperatures up to about 70 degrees. you can follow weather conditions at live doppler 7 on twitter for latest conditions rain or shine. get video forecast, power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team, certainly mine. >> thank you. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, fbi files show why witness any houston may have wanted to hire her own bodyguard not just like in the movie. >> the fate of sunset magazine after reports of a big corporate break up that >>> a gull is getting rest after nearly choking to death because of a knotted ribbon. the group wildlife emergency services sent thus rescue video in santa cruz. they say the r
information. >> san francisco bay bridge will be illuminated like never before. have you probably seen the bay bridge lights during testing. but the grand lighting ceremony for the bay lights is set for 9:00 p.m. tonight. restaurants and bars are expecting big crowds. drivers won't be able to seat display unless looking in the the rear view mirror. private donations paid for the art work that will be on display for two years. that is stunning. yes. might be a distraction for drivers there. >> coming up the new smart phone a step away -- ahead of you turning pages with eye movement autos victoria's secret raising eye brows with new marketing maneuver autos plus, what 49ers player chris culliver is doing to makeup for statements he made during super bowl week >>> very publicized domestic violence case is back in court today. this time, before the state supreme court. a lower court overturned a second degree murder verdict of a man who killed his girlfriend in front of her children. the victim's family hopes this higher court will finally bring them justice. >> terry ramirez now goes by the name
after hearing the police dog barking saying he didn't want to be bitten. nobody was hurt. >> san francisco police today discovered a huge marijuana grow insifd a burning home in the sunset district. they think the fire was sparked by a rigged system used for the pot operations. a firefighter is expecting to be okay. a fire caused 100-sh $1.5 million in damage. >> it would allow students who are born one sex, but living as another to use bathrooms and play on sports teams of the preferred gender. assemblyman from san francisco says the bill has been progressive step against discrimination. >> when things like this are new to the population people are uncomfortable. people were uncomfortable with people of color and gay nen men so, you've got to step back and root out that attitude. >> the bill would require schools to disorder the sex listed on birth records of transgender students. >> research finds one in 10 new moms shows signs of obsessive compulsive disorder after childbirth. 11% reported significant ocd within six months of having a baby. up to 3% of the general population r
to season san francisco. >> highway 1 had been a treacherous section of roadway prone to rock and mudslides. drivers lose control, cars plunging off the cliff. roadway would be close forward weeks and months. going southbound drivers will now cross a bridge feeding into twin tunnels. the view gone, the tunnels will link pacifica to the north. >> each tunnel wide we're standing in a shoulder now. so in a case of an meng vehicles can get buy. >> they will be named for the late councilman who secured the funding. local merchants expect business to pick up. this $439 million project paid for by federal funds. the first of three projects expected to open later this year. near pacifica, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> this is a cullination of a project that began five and a half years ago. cruise began building the tunnel september 17th2007, more than three years later on october 4, 2010, crews saw the light when punching through the funnel which is just over three quarters of a mile long. three months later, january 18th crews finished all of the digging. and caltrans will celebrate the end of anot
's set to introduce a bill in san francisco. >> i will be introducing legislation to for bid, prohibit the sale of single use plastic water bottles on city properties. >> the coalition says coca coalar using money and power fight them. >> though contribute to our national park system. >> american beverage association counters by saying they're a driving force behind efforts to increase recycling. >> consumers should be able to choose when and what they want to drunk. and so having bat watter in a bottle is important. >> most we spoke with said it would be a good idea to promote remuse useable container autos this makes perfect sense and would do good and would get rid of litter. >> it might be harder for tourists and people coming in because they probably don't have water bottle was them. >> calls were not returned and they're a leading maker of bottled water and a leading opponent to this movement. >> state regulators fining a waste dump for failing to sort small spills. the owner of the landfill kept records of 72 miner spills from 2008 to 2012 but with not report them as required. d
in may at the professional business women's conference in san francisco. jackie spear founded knit 1989 so business women would spark new ideas. >> you say to women, girls don't ab frayed to fail. >> very an actual paper weight that reads what would do you if you knew you could not fail is in the truth is that fear sometimes paralyzes us. >> you're going to hear more from congress woman speier who also talk about the book lien in. i hope you'll june me here on abc p. >> qain harris spoke for the first time be being gay. he says professional sports as an unwritten code. >> love football. football provided me with experiences and opportunities i won't trade for anything else. but the cost was great in asking me to snot be able to be open about myself in this manner he was outed when charged with beating up his boyfriend last year. the trial starts next month. >> giants pitcher madison balmgartner showing gratitude for long overlooked workers he took the giants ballpark grounds crew out to lunch on the embarcadero today. the 22-year-old has an appreciation for hard work that is done around
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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